Past Life Returns to the Big Screen

by Francesca on February 24, 2015

Start with consciousness.  We have many forms.  Let’s bring to awareness a few of these states.  There is waking consciousness along with sleeping, dreaming, sub-consciousness, and super-consciousness.  Consider that there may be many more states of consciousness that we don’t perceive, nor do we have the proper language to express them.

In pursuing my studies, I have learned that our waking consciousness operates as a relay system.  The mind connects with emotionally charged episodes from past life and draws those experiences back onto the screen for review.  Here, we rework the scripts.  Take two!  If you thought the life you are currently projecting is new and creative—think again!  I don’t mean to imply that waking consciousness is defective.  It is doing what it was built to do.  It’s a relay system.  If you want to be innovative you must switch over to your super-conscious mind.

The waking state of consciousness that most people are familiar with is like an old fashioned record player.  It’s going around and around, playing the same old songs over and over again.  Follow along as I give you a real life example of how past life consciousness returns to the big screen through the relay system that we call the waking state.

There is the case of the three year old boy who feels most comfortable dressing up in a business suit.  He loves to wear a bow tie.  When his family is going out to a picnic with friends, he demands that he wear the suit that his mother bought him to take a formal picture.  At the time, the family thinks he is cute and very funny for wanting to wear a suit to a picnic.  Where does this behavior come from?  The relay system is clearly at work bringing back the awareness of the clothes this boy used to wear in his past life.

Fast forward

The boy is now in kindergarten and the teacher is asking her young students, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Without hesitation he answers, “I want to be a justice on the Supreme Court.”

The surprised teacher replies, “Honey, you have to be an old man for that job.  Pick something more realistic.  Maybe you would like to be a fireman” she suggests.  Despite her discouragement he sticks to his original plan.  This boy sees himself as a judge.  This information is delivered by the relay system we call waking consciousness.  Emotional channels propel this past life information into the present.

Fast forward through grade school and high school

Despite his high IQ this student struggles.  He does not want to do school work because he feels he already knows everything.  He has many conflicts with teachers and the entire educational system.  These are rebellious times and kids his age often want to strike back at the institution with childish pranks.  However, this young man works out his frustrations by telling his parents he wants to “sue” his teachers.  He endlessly builds cases in his head and presents his arguments to anyone willing to listen.

Fast forward to Community College

He enrolls in a two year legal program.  After a lifetime of failing grades, he stuns his parents by graduating Suma Cum Laude.  He is number one in his class.  The head of the department befriends him.  Other students are amazed at his knowledge and attention to detail in the course work.  So, how did he suddenly achieve this status?  Yes, he did work, but mostly he remembered.  His relay system of a mind brought forward his past lives as an attorney / judge back to the big screen for review.  It makes a person scream, “WHY?”   Why do we get so stranded in these re-runs of our past lives?

Fast forward once more to the present time

You might be wondering about the outcome of this bright student’s career.  He had strong feelings of “been there, done that” and so he chose not to become professionally involved with the law profession this time around.

Being in the presence of this former attorney / judge can be trying because he is always pointing out technicalities and loop holes in the law.  He also has an obsession with police brutality and wrong doing by the department of corrections.  I recently had the opportunity to speak with him about his obsession over police brutality.  I pointed out that although I agree with his concerns, I am not emotionally connected to the cause as he is.  His emotional link stems from past life.  The police force has not suddenly become overzealous.   The issue of violence in connection to authority has been going on for eons.  In his past life, (when he had the power to do something about it) he turned a blind eye to the problem.  As an officer of the court system, perhaps he supported cruel punishments for crimes committed.   Now in his present life, he suffers with feelings that he must expose the truth about the whole barbaric system.  His passion drives him to inspire others.  He speaks out tirelessly about the dangers of the militarization of police.

This man is currently training to be an energetic healer in the HEALING MY SOUL method.   We have discussed his past life as an attorney at length during the classes.  He asked me if he had to forgive the police.  I said, “No.  The police have to forgive the police and you have to forgive you.”  Forgiving ourselves is a next to impossible task so I recommended that he start by forgiving the attorney who turned a blind eye to the problem of police brutality life times ago.  It is easier to initiate forgiveness in this objective fashion.  Once he forgives the past life attorney (who was him) he will also start releasing the emotional ties that bind him to this past life.  Forgiving the actions (or inactions) of his past life will have a profound effect on his health and current state of affairs.

To everyone reading this I say it is time to get pro active.  Get rid of the past life emotional attachments as they will eventually break down your physical body and plunge you into serious illness.  Change the channel while you are able.  Turn on the creativity of the super-conscious mind.  You can start by receiving healing or taking a HEALING MY SOUL class.  Call 724-845-1407 to be a part of the next Foundation Training course.


What’s on Television?

by Francesca on February 10, 2015

Let’s explore the human television.  I want you to imagine that each individual on this planet is actually a television set.  He or she is a living screen.  The billions of screens are walking about and projecting all kinds of stories.  There are soap opera type love programs (the chick flicks), and the war stories.  We can find many doctor oriented films displaying a variety of illnesses and hopelessness.  Then there are the lawyer videos, filled with and questionable judgment and schemes.  Many of the shows should be rated R because there is murder involved in the storyline.  As we delve deeper into the scripts we find that most of the human televisions are plagued with running obsessive thoughts.  The thought lines that feed into the plots often include an abundance of fear, anger, frustration, despair, greed, and lust (only to name a few).  Yes, there are also a handful of silly and sarcastic cartoons tossed into the programming mix.  And finally, we must not forget the cooking shows as humans are constantly in need of finding new and interesting foods to supply their bodies.

Does this lineup sound familiar?  You have probably watched all of these shows on the set in your living room.  Now, Lo and behold!  The same shows are being projected by the living human televisions! People live out these shows, and then they program them into the Hollywood networks so that after living a story we can watch it again and again.  One might ask, “Am I supposed to learn something from viewing this sad show for the second or third time?”  And “How many times must I watch this?”

Re-runs…they get boring after awhile.

So where do the human televisions get their storylines?  I can use myself as an example.  In this life, I am a wife and mother, a numerologist, teacher, healer, and writer.  I have developed the HEALING MY SOUL program which I use to train future healers.  I write books and blogs.  In an attempt to perfect my work I edit myself constantly.  I want to be a better wife, mother, numerologist, healer, teacher, and writer.

Does my drive to engage in these activities just emerge in a poof of magic?  Logic does not subscribe to the element of magic. Logic demands to know the source, so let’s take a look at that.  A thorough examination of the source leads me to consider past life experiences.  In lives preceding this one, I find myself taking on the roles of wife, mother, numerologist, teacher, healer, and writer.

Returning to the idea of the human televisions, I must ask, “What is playing on my television set?”

A RE-RUN!  I am caught in a loop expressing myself as a wife, mother, numerologist, teacher, healer, and writer.  You, me, and everyone — we are all projecting re-runs!  Before we can move forward with an ounce of creativity, we must forgive ourselves for all the mistakes we have made in this life and in past lives.  Once you forgive yourself and everybody else, your show goes live!

HEALING MY SOUL can assist you in clearing past life errors and get you moving into your creative future.  Call 724-845-1407 to arrange a healing session.


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