My Reading toolbox includes: Psychic Mind, Spirit Connections, Advanced Numerology, Tarot Cards, Crystals, The Test of True Love, channeling, high self, intuition, pendulum, clairvoyance, mother earth link, karma and the akashic records. From my tool box I will choose a special blend that suits your particular needs.

Never had a reading with Francesca Szarnicki?
Well then, fasten your seatbelt and have a pen and paper in hand to take notes. You are in for a 50 minute treat!

A message from Francesca concerning her readings:
“I do not report on death or give medical updates. My readings are positive. I believe a reading should have a calming and healing effect on the client. If you are scared by a reader, then you have gone to a bad reader.”

Your First Reading
I like to begin the reading with a little bit of information about past lifetime. I see this information as the backdrop for the current stage of life. Sometimes a particular past life can have a strong influence on the action now taking place now. Next, I view of your Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual bodies. These energy bodies tell me how you look, how you think, how you act and how you feel. One of my goals is to help you recognize that you are constantly creating your own future through your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual channels. Weaving together the essence of your energy bodies I obtain a complete picture of you.

At this point in the reading, I shift the attention to the life path and the experiences you are destined to encounter. These experiences represent the classes you chose before birth. Now you must complete these lessons in order to graduate from the earth school. Some classes can be light and fun (like cake decorating 101); however, other lessons can be quite challenging. Every one of us can reference our circle of friends and see that some people appear to travel effortlessly thorough life. Then there are others who have been dealt a seemingly impossible hand. I identify the nature of the lessons you are currently experiencing and tell you how long your program (or training session) will last. If you are engaged in a lesson that happens to be particularly difficult, I will give advice to make things go smoother. Understanding these pre-programmed lessons can explain a lot to a person about why his or her life is the way it is.

Note: I only do this background work the first time I meet with a person. I do not go over this information in subsequent readings as there are many other avenues to explore in our future sessions.

Viewing the Future
Looking through your eyes, I explain your current state of affairs. Targeting key issues, we uncover how you move into certain situations. I want you to understand that you are not a victim of circumstance. We do participate in creating our own futures. The value of the reading is that you are able to look down the road with your reader and decide if this is in fact where you want to go next. Not all impending events are etched in stone. If you do not like the future that you see, then it is important that you change your direction now! This is the high purpose of getting a reading.

I have developed effective techniques to give you insight concerning love. When it comes to issues of love and romance, I do not soften my report. If a partnership seems to have little chance of surviving, I will inform you of my feelings directly. I’m not a reader who tells you what I think you would like to hear. I would rather be wrong about an issue than pander to a client. With years of experience, I consider my accuracy to be excellent when analyzing love relationships.

Fee is $60 for a single session or $50 per hour when you purchase multiple sessions–2 or more. (You can mix and match Reading or Soul Healing time.) Before each reading I allow myself 10 minutes to study you, so you can expect to be on the telephone with me for approximately 50 minutes. Visa/MasterCard is accepted for all services. 724-845-1407