Soul Healing


Empower yourself with Healing My Soul.©   This new and exciting approach to healing addresses the mind, body, spirit connection.  Healing My Soul offers real solutions to real problems.  This easy and effective system approaches healing through the Spiritual body.

There is a ton of research indicating that as high as 85% of all illness is rooted in the mind and emotions.  Traditional medicine recognizes this fact, yet they rarely offer effective treatment.  Suppression of symptoms continues to be the Medical Doctors’ game plan.

I am not a Medical Doctor and I do not treat the physical body the way a physician does.  Soul Healing is not a substitute for traditional medicine.

In my humble opinion, Soul Healing is far superior

I work strictly from a spiritual perspective.  From the Spirit level I can help you to erase negativity from your system.  Many people do not realize how much mental and emotional negativity can be entrenched on an unconscious level.  When you finally release this negative blockage, your soul has a better opportunity to heal you.

Call for an appointment.  I will be happy to work with your soul.  There is no need to travel to my office as I do not work on the physical body.  All cleansing is done on the Spirit level.  You will receive a detailed report via phone 24 hours after the healing is complete.

Results of Soul Healing


The following testimonials were gathered from people who have gone through a program of Soul Healing with me.  Today, I invite you to begin the process.   It will help you expand your consciousness and delete negative thoughts and programming from your life.  Remember, you do not have to come into my physical office to have the work done.

Once I started with the Soul Healing program I generally felt better.  After a couple of sessions, I was elated to see my daily glucose numbers drop into the average range.  When I went to my 3 month check up my A1C test result was 5.8.  That’s normal!  The doctor cut my meds in half.  He said that he will cut them again in 3 months if I maintain this progress.  My goal is to eventually get off all medication.  I now see this as a real possibility.

I FEEL LIGHTER  I cannot explain this feeling.  I just feel so much lighter.

For several years I have had this nagging pain and stiffness in my neck every morning.  I never complained about the problem because I thought I should accept it – my small cross to bear.  In only one healing session the pain disappeared and I am happy to report that it has never returned.

This is such a busy world.  There are just not enough hours in my day.  Often, I feel overwhelmed and have not a clue as to how I can possibly meet all the demands that are set before me.    Since I did the Soul Healing work everything flows so much better for me.  I continue to have a hectic schedule but the pieces of my daily puzzle fit together so much easier.  I feel smarter.  I know that may sound crazy but I do feel smarter.  I observe myself regularly making intuitive decisions that put me in the right place at the right time.  I feel like I have tapped into an internal power that is managing things for me.

For two days after I had my first Soul Healing session, I was very tired.  It felt as though my body, mind, and emotions went through a massive detoxification.  Now I am pure energy.  I am upbeat and just feeling good all of the time.  It is amazing!

I quit a good paying job because I refused to go to meetings in Chicago.  Dream vacations were out of the question as I could not get on an airplane.  One soul healing session, and I am free!  Unbelievable!

Constant pain wears away at a person on all levels, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  For years I have be searching for an answer to my condition.  Soul Healing gave me hope.  Thanks to the healing my pain has decreased significantly.  There are stretches of time that I actually l have no pain and am feeling normal again.  The depression has lifted.  I want to live, and for the first time, I am confident that I will have a complete recovery.

The morning following my Soul Healing session was amazing.  I found myself waking up earlier than usual and tackling some projects that I have been postponing forever.  I realize now that my sluggishness was a result of the depression I have suffered with for years.

At first I did not think that I noticed anything special.  The night after my Soul Healing session, however, I crawled into bed and as I drifted off to sleep, I felt I was being cradled in the arms of my guardian angel.  I have not felt this sensation of peace and security since I was a young child.

I’m 86 years old and every time I went to the doctor my platelets were dropping lower and lower.  Even the specialists did not have an answer to the problem.  They kept telling me that they were “watching it”.  I did not believe this healing would help me, but I tried it out of desperation.  After the healing, my blood tests began to improve.  Now my platelets are on the rise. Thank you for the Soul Healing.

I’ve been experiencing explosions of confidence and a total loss of anxiety, rolling with the challenges of life.  I am no longer burdened by past conditioning.  It’s as if I’ve been set free of the past with nothing weighing me down.

I have experienced 3 Soul Healing sessions.  The first was just so different from anything I have ever known in my life that I really don’t remember any specific change.  I had to keep an open mind to accept what you were working to accomplish.   After the second healing, I remember a sparkly feeling in my mid- section which lasted for several days (I asked to specifically work on my stomach and liver).   A great part of the third healing was devoted to releasing “left overs” from previous lives and, I believe, from my early current life.  I felt a heaviness lifted from the center of my body.  It was as if layers were being peeled away to get to the heart of the unencumbered ME.  Even after a few months, I still feel the same lightness.

If you are looking for alternative care for this disorder Soul Healing may be the solution.  I have had tremendous success in working with PTSD cases.  At this time I am offering a buy one session and get two sessions free for all soldiers.

Fee is $60 for a single session or $50 per hour when you purchase multiple sessions–2 or more.  (You can mix and match Reading or Soul Healing time.)
Visa/ MC accepted.