Test of True Love

The Test of True Love by Fran Szarnicki

In her book, The Test of True Love, a pendulum guide to relationships, Francesca Szarnicki shares her knowledge and ability to deeply understand the truth and intention of love relationships. She outlines a methodology of using both left and right brain to scan very personal information. In her love analysis, Francesca addresses friendship, emotion, communication, and the ties that bind people together. Follow the instructions and you will learn to evaluate all types of love scenarios. Find out if your partner is deceiving or loyal at heart. You can use the data you gather to improve, accept, forgive, heal or move on with your love life.

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Using a Pendulum is Easy!

Hold the pendulum in your dominant hand.

Formulate a question. Think your question clearly or say it out loud.
Allow your subconscious to speak through the motion of the pendulum.

YES responses are a vertical OR circular, clockwise, motion.
NO responses are a horizontal OR circular, counter-clockwise, motion.

Remember, the trick is not to keep your hand still, but to keep you conscious mind still!
Do not be concerned if it looks to others that you are moving the pendulum because You are moving the pendulum!

Pendulums by Maria Paul Kyros